Regina’s Bat Mitzvah

My grandchildren are growing up.  In June 2012, we celebrated Regina’s bat mitzvah.  The occasion touched me in so many beautiful ways.  Regina is a beautiful young lady and her chanting of the liturgy touched me very deeply.  She has a beautiful, natural way of using her voice and her delivery of quite complex vocal music makes it sound so easy.  I also marveled at how the family has grown and how young cousins get along so beautifully together.  The celebration was a three-day affair, with the first one on Friday evening almost rained out by a heavy storm.  But we made up for it on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m so proud of the Kesler, as well as the Reed, clan.  Here are my greetings to her on that occasion, which we sang as well as we could:    Wishing Regina a happy birthday at 13, with her Bat Mitzvah  REFRAIN: She is a lovely one, She is a lively one Much pride and glory to her clan she brings. She’s got talent, she is bold, She can outrun a colt And sweetly like a nightingale she sings.   Amazing fortune favored her With poise, looks, a mind that’s rare And silken, long, windswept hair Kissed by sun.   She loves animals, and even when little, She cuddled dogs, frogs, and kittens Fed, groomed them, and shared with them Endless fun.   REFRAIN    At five she decided she’d like to paint, Causing her mom nearly to faint! As she plopped colored blots All over the floor.   But when her art won admirers From passersby and rock climbers Who thought it was Jackson Pollack’s, She heard complaints no more.   REFRAIN   Did you hear that she writes well? Yes, she finished a book that’s swell!

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