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Click here to view excerpts from Dr. Kesler’s program “Jews of the Ukraine Pre-World War II”, which was presented at the East Brunswick Public Library on April 29, 2014:

(and please note that this program is scheduled to take place at Temple Israel Center in White Plains on January 21, 2

Click here to read the play, “Luba”, that Dr. Kesler completed in August of 2014, which is based on “Shards of War – Fleeing To & From Uzbekistan”


Michael G. Kesler, Ph.D., a chemical engineering graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University, had a distinguished career in the petroleum industry before retiring in 2006.  He has, since then, written extensively of World War II events.  In October 2010, he published “Shards of War–Fleeing To & From Uzbekistan,” a memoir of his travels and life in the former Soviet Union, after his sister and he, teenagers at the time, fled their home in Poland, ahead of the advancing German armies in 1941.

The book has received praise from numerous academicians and other prominent professionals, and has appeared on the list of bestselling E Books in Europe (see “Blog”, March 2 entry, for a link to the list).

A short story, “Leaving Home,” based on Chapter One of “Shards of War,” was published in the December 2008 webzine, Ducts.org.

In March 2009, he published his late wife’s book on porn, “Grit–A Pediatrician’s Odyssey From a Soviet Camp to Harvard,” by Regina Kesler, M.D., which he edited.

He has recently completed “Hurdles–When Cancer Strikes a Family,” which is currently being processed for publication by Strategic Book Group.  The manuscript tells of the five toughest years in his life when his late wife became stricken with cancer and passed away in 1973, leaving him as the sole parent of four young children.

Michael and his wife, Barbara S. Reed, associate professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University, reside in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

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